Beginners Yoga Introduction

Beginners Yoga Introduction

New to Yoga?

Wish to deepen your understanding of Yoga?

Then this course is for you!

This 6 weeks course designed and facilitated by Karina, is for anyone new to yoga or for anyone wishing to refine their knowledge of the basic yoga practice.

Through the weeks we will explore:

  • the importance of our breath & how to utilise it
  • Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskara) – the fundamentals of this energising sun salutation sequence.
  • Warrior series of standing postures
  • Spinal mobility. Extension, flexion, side-bending and twisting.
  • Finding Balance in standing postures
  • The Art of Savasana – deep relaxation
In this 4-week long series, you will be gently and gradually introduced to breathwork by exploring the various stages towards this essential technique and practice.

These classes are therapeutically based, focusing on the realignment and correct use of the body, to ease movement on and off the mat. When people first come they think their aches and pains are because they are getting older – this is not so – it is just your body is out of balance! Tight muscles pull on your back and joints. You can change this – it’s not rocket science.

MONDAY and WEDNESDAY classes are normally more of a stronger yoga class with an emphasis on pelvic floor connection and strengthening, and opening the body safely. Suitable for beginners and experienced. Teens most welcome.

TUESDAY class focuses on pelvic floor work, rebalancing the body and learning how to use the body correctly. Learning to breath and soften ..

THURSDAY class – the yoga throughout this class focuses on strengthening the pelvic floor and the core abdominal muscles. This is an empowering class. Suitable for all levels.

The theme running throughout all the classes is to breathe, feel and connect to what’s going on within you. With consistent practice this allows you to quiet the mind.

Small class sizes.


Online master class via Zoom


Cost of the course: 

Hi! My name is Carina and I’m here to help you find the confidence you need to feel amazing in your body!

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