We’ve all been told we should buy organic cotton instead of the conventional kind. As it turns out, there are really good reasons to heed that advice.

Why Should You Buy Organic Clothing? Here Are 3 Reasons Why.

Better for the planet

Non-organic farming uses a lot of pesticides and chemicals to produce the fibers required to create regular clothing (like t-shirts, etc).

A non-organic cotton crop uses 10% of pesticides worldwide. According to the WWF, that’s 55 million pounds. Those deadly poisons—which are linked to cancer—pollute our lakes, rivers, and other waterways, affecting plants and wildlife all around the world.

On the other hand, organic farming follows the typical rotation strategy of cultivating and growing the crops according to their dedicated season.

Better for your skin

Non-organic farming uses a lot of chemicals to produce the materials used in our clothes. This means that if we wear chemically produced clothing, we’re actually in contact with toxic properties that can pose a threat to our skin or overall health.

Not everyone suffers from irritated skin, rashes, headaches or dizziness due to these chemicals, but what are the actual long-term consequences? Think about it like food. You eat a lot of chemically induced food throughout your life… that doesn’t mean you’re going to feel the backlash immediately… but in the long-term, that’s a completely different story.

By wearing truly organic clothing you can prevent any legitimate health issues from happening to you or your children.

Saving farmers lives

Buying organic clothes not only saves farmers’ lives, by keeping them from using harmful chemicals to grow their crops, but it also helps them put food on the table for their families.


Dodecatees is a company that prioritizes the environment. What you’ll find is that their T-shirts are 100% organic cotton-based, and the prices for their t-shirts start at 50 euros. However, if you’re searching for a bargain, they sometimes run discounts on selected items.

Their collections run far and wide, so you’re able to find something for different seasons throughout the year.

Not only that, but their standards are pretty strict.  They have extremely high standards when it comes to Hygiene, Health, and Safety within the work environment.

Additionally, there’s love for the environment in their control of waste and efforts to recycle whenever possible. Overall, Dodecatees is pretty legit because it’s aligned with the idea behind veganism.


Unfortunately, the clothing industry is known to be one of the most inhumane and environmentally damaging enterprises in the world. Garments tend to be made as fast as possible and in inexpensive ways. As a result, clothing quality suffers. Regular T-shirts are often itchy, starchy, and they deteriorate quickly, so they end up in a landfill all too soon.

Another problem with making garments too fast is that warehouses need to make room too fast. One strategy used to make room and get rid of old inventory are seasonal sales, which contribute a lot of harm to our planet. Dodecatees has pledged never to take part in seasonal sales for this reason.

The vast majority of companies in the fashion industry tend to exploit workers, whether through low wages, unsafe working conditions, polluting local communities, or all of the above. Fertilizers, pesticides, and chemical dyes are some of the most common examples of environmental hazards used in regular cotton production that also endanger the health of workers who are exposed to them. Growing cotton without those hazards is challenging, but worthwhile. Organic farming practices are safer for farmers and communities, plus allows the plants to grow stronger and healthier.

As consumers, we have the power of choice. We can continue to support destructive industries, or we can support a global movement that aims to create better practices, better clothing, and a better future for everyone.

I hope your question of why you should buy organic clothing is somewhat answered, and I hope this has given you some motivation to start wearing organic clothing. 

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