HealthEquilibrium: Yoga & Barre Fusion Class

Equilibrium: Yoga & Barre Fusion Class

Don’t wait any longer to transform your body!  

Build balance, strength, and flexibility as you link breath to movement. Designed with beginners in mind, this class will get the body moving while breaking down the postures. Great class whether you’re a beginner or advanced. 

Barre class—a total-body barre and mat yoga & workout based on classic ballet movements—is one of the hottest fitness trends out there, and for good reason: It promises a long, lean, sculpted body without the bulk. 

Yoga is a relaxing mind and body that increases your flexibility. The gradual loosening of muscles throughout your yoga practice will increase flexibility over time. You will begin to notice settle differences in your own flexibility there fore day-to-day activities if you go to classes consistently. Poses that may have been difficult to achieve when you began will suddenly get easier.

Yoga promotes relaxation and meditation. It is extremely therapeutic for our busy minds in our very active society. It is necessary to be able to get above the “Thought Process” even if it’s for 30 seconds. Yoga provides that practice.

As you can see, the combination of Barre and Yoga classes can provide you with a perfectly balanced workout routine. Each of these two classes are low-impact but very effective to transform your body.

Barre gives you a high-energy cardio workout that can help with weight loss and releases endorphin .Yoga helps build and tone muscles including your core or powerhouse that is essential in all other workouts. Yoga is also relaxing mind-body workout that increases your flexibility over time all while you learn to quiet your mind.

My goal for every class is to motivate from a place of love and compassion because it takes a lot to show up, be open and dive in… and if I can get you to laugh in the process, even better.

Time & Location
From 4/4/2022 
Messery, France
and Geneva, Switzerland

Optional Equipment


Yoga straps, also called belts, are particularly useful for poses where you need to hold onto your feet but cannot reach them. The strap basically acts as an arm extender. For instance, in pascimottanasana, if you can’t reach your feet with your hands in the seated forward fold, you can wrap the strap around the bottom of your feet and hold onto the strap to maintain a flat back instead of slumping forward.

Straps are also great for poses where you bind your hands behind the back (marichyasana, for example). If your shoulders don’t allow enough flexibility for the bind, you can use a strap to “connect” both hands without excess strain. And with the strap’s help, you can move your hands toward each other over time to make progress toward the full bind.

You probably have something around your house that would work as a strap (like a belt or even a towel). If you want to buy an official version, you can choose Manduka, where you can find straps for €18. 


Like blankets, yoga blocks are used to make you more comfortable and improve your alignment. Blocks are particularly useful for standing poses in which your hands are supposed to be on the floor.

Placing a block under your hand has the effect of “raising the floor” to meet your hand rather than forcing the hand to come to the floor while effectively compromising some other part of the pose. This can be seen in half moon pose. Many people don’t have the hamstring flexibility or core strength to hold the position with proper form.

By placing a block under the hand that’s reaching toward the floor, it’s easier to keep the chest open and torso strong. Without the block, the chest might be inclined to turn toward the floor, the supporting knee might be inclined to bend, and the torso might be inclined to “collapse.” The simple use of the block helps maintain proper alignment.

Photo: Manduka

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