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Private Yoga to Release Stress

Your time is precious, your needs unique, and you want the one-on-one attention from an experienced yoga teacher that you can’t get in a group class.

Stress shows up in our bodies and minds in many different ways. You may not even realize it. It can be tightness and tension, headaches, pains, illness, insomnia, worry, depression, weight gain.  During yoga and breathing you move your body and ease your mind to release that stress so you can live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

    You! Over the years I have worked many wonderful clients; busy professionals, busy parents, executives, retirees, CEOs, lawyers, professional athletes, professional chair-sitters, caregivers, tech workers, engineers, programmers, gamers, laborers, husband and wife, and families.

    Each one is unique!
    Their goals are different: 

  • Recover from injury or surgery or other health challenges.
  • Add to their fitness routine.
  • Take better care the aging body.
  •  Getting up and down from the floor with ease.
  • Keep up with the kids.
    They range in age from 5 to 96-year olds.

    So please know there is a yoga style for you! You will strengthen your body and your mind.

Pricing is similar to other private self-care services like a massage or personal trainer. During our initial phone consultation I can give you a quote.


TIME – I don’t have time to go to a class – that is the number one reason clients tell me they choose to have quality in-home yoga sessions. We set the time to meet your schedule. Very early mornings are available.

INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION – This is another reason clients prefer private, so we can focus on what your specific needs are.

Private yoga or breathing sessions offer you the convenience of practicing in your home or office at the time of your choice. This will alleviate the stress of time and travel, bringing you the comfort and privacy you deserve.

The option of doing these one-on-one sessions online is an additional convenience. So easy. You set up your mat and laptop and log in. Just you and me. It is like I am right there with you.

I am offerings options for your comfort level. You choose!

  •  In-person one-on-one sessions at your home or office.
    (I am fully vaccinated!)
  • Online via Zoom, my clients love these and you may too! 

You decide what is best for you!

What do you seek from your yoga practice?

  • Release the stress and tension from your body and your mind

  • Improve posture and find relief from back pain

  • Improve your spine health

  • Return to your strong self after injury or other health challenges

  • Renew your strength and flexibility after a long time of neglect

  • Learn how yoga poses can relieve stress

  • Mend a broken heart

  • A meditation practice you can do on your own

  • Not sure what, was recommended to you. (very common!)

Amazingly, yoga can offer all of that and more. The unique thing about yoga is beneficial for the body, the mind and the spirit. You move your body in such ways that it releases the tension and stress and makes space for what you really need. Yoga has been around for hundreds of years because it works!

Sessions are designed to your requests and draw influence from the following styles:

  • Gentle (moving slow, yet finding strength and flexibility)

  • Adaptive/Chair (adapted for health challenges; injury, disability, beginners. very popular.)

  • Vinyasa (active and warming)

  • Restorative / Yin (resting with the support of props; calming the nervous system)

  • Meditation (guided meditation, learn the techniques of mindfulness meditation)

  • A combination of the above. (This is the most common)


First, you reach out to me via email:
We need to connect, have a brief phone consultation to make sure we are a good fit.
We will then schedule an intro session. We can meet in person or online.
This first session will include yoga movement so I can assess your needs, and a little time for discussion about what you are looking for in a yoga practice.

Then, we find a time that is convenient for you and set a schedule. This can be one to three times a week. It is best to set a schedule at designated times.

Private yoga is similar to working with a personal trainer, we focus on your goals and needs.

I suggest at least 10-session commitment. Private yoga works best when you make a commitment to it. You will see best results with a consistent practice. It is an investment in your health.

Curious how it works with online sessions?

It is almost the same as in-person sessions!
FIRST- Let’s chat and see if we are a good fit. Schedule your session.
Ready to move forward — we set a schedule – usually the same time, once or twice a week.
Yoga sessions are 60 minutes. Breathing sessions are 30 minutes.

YOU find a space in your home, set out your mat or chair. Log in at our designated time. I will be waiting for you.
We meet via Zoom. (If you haven’t used it before, it is free and easy. I can help set up.)

WE begin – It is just the two of us. I watch you carefully and talk and guide you through your practice.
The practice — the movement, the breathing, and the stillness — will be designed to meet your needs.
It is your body, you find what feels good.

YOU will find yourself feeling much better than when you started, happy that you have taken the time to take care of yourself.

ME – I am grateful for the opportunity.


    No clowns, no mascots.
    Just your kids doing downward dog.

    We know that our Kids encounter school stresses, busy families, and electronic overload in this high pressure urban environment. Laughing Monkey Yoga kids program has been proven to decrease tension, anxiety, and negativity – it gives children (and their caregivers!) the tools to stay fit, calm and happy.

    Kids do yoga? Yes, yes, yes!  So fun for them, yet so much more.
    Studies have shown the amazing benefits of a regular yoga practice for kids of all ages.
    Here is just a shortlist of how your child can benefit from Laughing Monkey Yoga, both on and off the mat:

    + reduces anxiety and provides stress relief
    + enhances physical ability (body movement, body awareness, strength, endurance, aerobic capacity)
    + refines balance and coordination (gross and fine motor coordination)
    + increases confidence and positive self-image
    + improves academic performance and classroom behavior
    + maximizes development of social and emotional competence
    + improves concentration, focus and memory
    + helps develop better self control
    + improves symptoms of ADHD
    + promotes mindfulness and time to disconnect from technology
    + provides tools for practicing compassion, cooperation and generosity
    + fosters a sense of community and belonging in a healthy, non-competitive group

    Impressive, right?  Give your kids the gift of a regular yoga practice, and promote a lifetime of joy, chill and awesomeness!

    Yoga and Creative Movement  for all children.

    Since it looks like this is the new normal, I’ve introduced LAUGHING MONKEY Yoga Class to better accommodate the needs of your families and Monkeys to get outside, get happy and get social, all while staying safe. Kid yoga is the perfect social distancing activity, so while we may not be in the studio right now, I’ll bring kid yoga classes to you in the best way possible!

    + at-home, outdoor, social distancing private yoga classes for small groups of 2-4 children
    + 45 minute Laughing Monkey group class experience in the comfort and safety of your own backyard
    + frs125 per session for up to 4 students, just +frs25 per additional student
    + available for all ages
    + flexible scheduling, available weekdays and weekends
    + in accordance with social distancing guidelines 

    Call me (or text me) at +41 78 850 7600 or email to schedule!

    With all these changes and interruptions to everyday life, it’s especially important to keep your kids’ bodies active and minds calm in order to maintain good health, joy, chill, and awesomeness!

    What do I do while my munchkin is in kid yoga class?
    you must chill. consider this your 45 minute vacation. recharge while your little one disconnects. 
    Or you can join us!
    What should a kid wear to yoga?
    leggings, joggers, tees… you know, yoga clothes.
    Do I need to bring a mat?
    Yes, you’re totally welcome to bring your own mat! I you don’t have a yoga mat, you can buy a new kids yoga mat from Manduka.
    Photo: Manduka

    Photo: Manduka The #1 mat recommended by teachers worldwide – now designed just for kids! The perfect-sized mat to encourage kids to discover the wonders of yoga. Give a child their own yoga mat and let them practice and play.

    What about siblings, do I have to pay for each kid?
    yep, each kid must be signed up individually.
    Do you do only private sessions?
    Yes! I offer private yoga at your home! convenient, right?
    What’s your cancellation policy?
    • You must cancel your class 24 hours or more prior to class start time in order to return the session to your account for use at a future date.
    • If you late-cancel less than 24 hours prior to class start time, your session will still be deducted from your account.
    Photo: Manduka MD-KidsMat-002

    Laughing Monkey Yoga for Preschools, Elementary, Middle, and High Schools

    Studies show the amazing benefits of a regular yoga practice for kids of all ages

    + improves academic performance and classroom behavior
    + reduces anxiety and provides stress relief
    + enhances physical ability (body movement, body awareness, strength, endurance, aerobic capacity)
    + fosters a sense of community and belonging in a healthy, non-competitive group

    Laughing Monkey Yoga

    + during and after school programming
    + 45/60 minute yoga classes
    + daily, weekly or special events/fundraising
    + customized programming to meet the need of your school
    + secular, modern yoga classes with a dash of mindfulness
    + certified instructor
    + full coverage insurance

    For more info:
    +41 78 850 7600

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    MANDUKA for Mini Yogis

    Photo: Manduka

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