YOGABODY® Flow Class

YOGABODY® Flow Class

A modern approach to classic yoga. With my range of classes I offer mind-body fitness for everyone.

Wondering if yoga can help you get in shape, build strength, flexibility and balance?

This is a strong beginner-friendly class for developing strength stamina and flexibility. The sequence is a 60 minute movement combo focused on breathing, stretching and whole-body discipline. Calming, yet physically challenging, the sequence of postures is fun, inclusive, and accessible. Try it and give your entire being a boost in strength and power.

The main reason why YOGABODY® Flow Yoga, Gravity Yoga®  and Yoga Trapeze® are my favorites is that they’re easy on the body and at the same time you still get to gradually increase your strength and flexibility. These practices teach you to be gentle, take care of your body and do only what feels good. I had knee injuries 6 months ago, and these classes (aside from doing what the doctor prescribed) helped me recover.

I also offer private and small group classes at a variety of locations in GE area and online.  


My name is Carina and I am a yoga teacher and personal coach. When I decided to embark on this path, I immediately wanted to aim for the best. This strong belief led me to join to Yoga Teacher College where I studied the practices that I now teach. For years I have been working on physical preparation, relaxation techniques, breathing

Today I am a RYT 500-hours teacher (Yoga Alliance) in French and in English, and I teach Functional Movement, Flexibility and Yoga.

I believe as well that a good posture is crucial for a successful workout: for this reason, I collaborate with an osteopath, to ensure the best possible result for those who choose to train with me.
Beyond techniques and work experience, what I like most is to establish a common path, a mutual and stimulating relationship of trust. I passionately believe that through an authentic human relationship, work can become more stimulating, creative, and effective.

I have completed my teaching certifications with Yoga Body | Yoga Teachers College on Yoga Trapeze® and Gravity Yoga too. I teach YOGABODY style, a fitness-based approach for strength, mobility, weight loss, and stress management. 

What I Offer:

  • A modern approach to classic yoga.
  • Weekday evening classes and weekend morning and afternoon classes.
  • 60-minute, powerful classes (same benefits, less time than most classes).
  • Yoga as exercise classes and yoga as relaxation classes.
  • Mind-body fitness for everyone.
  • A great way to supplement your favourite sport with flexibility and mobility training.

What I Don’t Offer:

  • No incense
  • No chanting
  • No “gurus”
  • No egos
  • No crazy pretzel poses

Hi! My name is Carina and I’m here to help you find the confidence you need to feel amazing in your body!

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