Yoga Wheel Flow

Yoga Wheel Flow

The wheel gives the individual the ability to expand, stretch and helps develop more flexibility and stability. With regular practice the yoga wheel helps newbies and intermediate students back bend more easily while increasing more flexibility in the spine, shoulders, quads and hips as well as improving balance. It is a yoga wheel flow class that everyone from beginners to advanced students can enjoy. The class will sync movement with breath while mixing vinyasa style yoga and wheel practice together for a wonderful heart opening experience.

Heard about the benefits of Yoga Wheel but unsure of how to use it in your regular practice? Do you know that the Yoga Wheel is a great tool to release tension and build more mobility and flexibility in the body especially the spine, hips and shoulders?

It does so safely and painlessly by supporting your spine and stabilising your back, stretching the shoulders, chest, hip flexor and quads so you can practice postures – especially backbends – with minimal compression between the spinal vertebrae. It also serves as a prop to help you ease into hip opening postures and makes inversions and arm balances more accessible.

In this workshop series with Carina, learn how to incorporate the Yoga Wheel safely and confidently in your practice and explore creative ways to experience familiar postures that typically seemed out of reach.

This Workshop is for:

  • Practitioners with some yoga experience & looking for ways to release tension and tightness in the body
  • Practitioners interested in learning beginners and intermediate postures in a safe and fun manner with Yoga Wheel.
  • Workshop is not suitable for students with spinal injuries.


for Beginners & All levels, Bring Your Own Wheel

  • Introduction to Yoga Wheel
  • Techniques to use a Yoga Wheel safely
  • Foundational postures with Yoga Wheel: Backbending, Hip opening and Restorative


For Intermediate levels & having completed Part 1, Bring Your own Wheel)

  • Intermediate yoga wheel postures: Backbending, Hip opening and Restorative
  • Inversions & Arm balancing postures
  • Vinyasa flow with Yoga Wheel

Yoga Wheel Flow Class

This is a great class to do if you’re trying to improve your backbends and increase overall flexibility. We will open up the shoulders, chest, hamstrings and hip flexors while also deepening the range of motion in the spine.



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