Private Session Yoga & Breathwork Program

Private Session Yoga & Breathwork Program


Individualised therapeutic sessions specifically working on a client’s needs; physically, mentally and emotionally.

Adult sessions: 90 minute private sessions are available for adults at €50.

Adult Therapeutic sessions: When dealing with chronic issues the first session is 2 hrs and costs €70 – you leave with a program (of exercises/homework) to follow.

Family sessions: 60 min or 90 min private sessions are available to cater for the specific needs/wants of a family at €60 or €80 respectively.

Kids sessions: 45 – 60 minute private sessions are available for children at €30 (e.g. working with a child to ease anxiety/stress).

Private sessions can be:

  • delivered online to anyone in Europe or Switzerland

  • done in-person at our  studio.

Please Note: there is a cancellation fee of 50% of the charge within 24hrs of the appointment time, and 100% of the charge within 4 hrs of the appointment time.


Online master class via Zoom


Cost of the course: 

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