FoodInfinity Movement Yoga Flow Program

Infinity Movement Yoga Flow Program

Infinitity Movement Yoga Flow Program

Start your 2022 with High Energy! 

The Program starts January 22, 2022. You will receive 6 weeks of guidance, and you can join me weekly for 3 LIVE Total Body Power Flow Classes, 1 Gravity Yoga Class and 1 Trapeze Yoga Class. 

The practice of yoga supports physical, mental, and spiritual development that allows you to create the best version of yourself.
Yoga may also be an effective tool to help you lose weight, especially the more active forms of yoga. And you may find that the awareness gained through a gentle, relaxing yoga practice helps you to lose weight as well.

Yoga and calorie burning
While yoga isn’t traditionally considered an aerobic exercise, there are certain types of yoga that are more physical than others.
Active, intense styles of yoga help you burn the most calories. This may help prevent weight gain. Ashtanga, vinyasa, and power yoga are examples of more physical types of yoga. These types of yoga keep you moving almost constantly, which helps you to burn calories.
While restorative yoga isn’t an especially physical type of yoga, it still helps in weight loss. One study found that restorative yoga was effective in helping overweight women to lose weight, including abdominal fat.
These findings are especially promising for people whose body weight may make more vigorous forms of yoga difficult.

How often should you do yoga to lose weight?

Practice yoga as often as possible in order to lose weight. You can do a more active, intense practice at least three to five times per week for at least one hour.
On the other days, balance out your practice with a more relaxing, gentle class. Hatha, yin, and restorative yoga classes are great options.
If you’re a beginner, start slowly and gradually build up your practice. This allows you to build up your strength and flexibility and prevent injuries. If you don’t have time for a full class on certain days, do a self-practice for at least 20 minutes. Allow yourself one full day of rest each week.

Join me in the virtual space for 6 week weight loss, detox and wellness program! We start 22 January, 2022!

Over this 5 week journey, you will:
– Discover a stronger, healthier, and calmer You.
– Strengthen your body, mind, and personal wellness and eating habits.
– Become intelligently selective to build better wellness and eating patterns.
– Develop clarity and calmness with a mindfulness and meditation practice.
– Strengthen your asana practice.
– Learn to meditate and explore the benefits of meditation.
– Receive personal guidance on your weight loss and wellness journey.

Who is this not for?

– Those who expect a « traditional » weight loss program that deals with weight loss only from a purely physical standpoint.
– Those who only have a goal of counting calories and losing pounds without any interest in improving their overall state of health and well-being.
– Those unwilling to look at the source of their habits which can lead to unhealthy patterns, stress, and weight gain.
– Those looking for a « quick fix »
– Those who don’t like immense physicality and expanded mentality.

Who is this for?

Anyone looking to discover a stronger, healthier, and calmer self. Anyone seeking personal guidance in their weight loss and overall wellness journey. Anyone looking to improve their general state of health and better manage their daily stress.
So roll out the mat. Connect with your breath.
Join me. 😉❤️

Hi! My name is Carina and I’m here to help you find the confidence you need to feel amazing in your body!

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