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"Laughing Monkey" Yoga for Teens

Let’s get on the mat with your kids and begin to explore the breath, salutations, postures, partner yoga and relaxation together! My Laughing Monkey yoga flow & trapeze classes all take time to tune in and then sequence through the Sun Salutations, progressing on to warrior poses and balancing poses. 
Each class finishes with a guided relaxation. Laughing Yoga classes are themed to keep the children engaged, class time varies from 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the age group. Music and props are used to keep class fun and entertaining as well as bestowing the deeper benefits of yoga to the children.

Recognizing adolescence

Adolescence is a period of life with specific health and developmental needs and rights. It is also a time to develop knowledge and skills, learn to manage emotions and relationships, and acquire attributes and abilities that will be important for enjoying the adolescent years and assuming adult roles.

All societies recognize that there is a difference between being a child and becoming an adult. How this transition from childhood to adulthood is defined and recognized differs between cultures and over time. In the past it has often been relatively rapid, and in some societies it still is. In many countries, however, this is changing.

The period between childhood and adulthood is growing longer and more distinct. Puberty is starting earlier in many countries, although in general the timing of menarche has levelled off in high income countries at 11–13 years. At the same time, key social transitions to adulthood are postponed until well after biological maturity. Young people spend more years in education and training, their expectations have changed, and contraception is increasingly available to prevent pregnancy. As a result, young people take on adult roles and responsibilities later, such as family formation and employment.

Yoga supports Teen Mental Health

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends yoga as a safe and potentially effective therapy. It can help children and adolescents cope with emotional, mental, and physical conditions while improving behavioral health. Teenage years are turbulent, with all the hormones raging and mind in confusion. The practise of yoga has shown to help teenagers be more stable and calm through these turbulent years. 

Our Teen Warrior classes all take time to tune in and then sequence through the Sun Salutations, progressing on to warrior poses and balancing poses. 
 Each class finishes with a guided relaxation.

Making yoga and meditation a habit from early on in the teenage years is imperative in the world we live in. Yoga will help teenagers to live healthy, happy and productive lives.

For schoolgoing teens, there are a lot of distractions in the form of peer pressure, technology and devices with which they constantly remain connected online. It is a much more stressful time for them to grow up in. Science has shown that in deep sleep, the body repairs, rejuvenates and heals itself. The practise of yoga promotes deep sleep. This then translates into healthier bodies and increased energy for growing teens. All these things bring the teens into a healthier and more balanced individual.

Researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School conducted their study on 51 junior and senior high school students. Some of the students did a 10-week yoga PE class, and some did a regular PE class. The yoga PE class included Kripalu yoga, which included meditation, relaxation and breathing exercises, along with yoga poses.


The researchers found that by the end of the study, the teens who did yoga scored higher on some of the psychological tests, while the teens who didn’t do yoga scored worse on some of the tests. For example, teens who did not do yoga during their PE classes scored higher for mood problems or anxiety, while those who did do yoga scored lower on these tests, or their scores remained the same from the beginning of the study period.

In addition, the teens who didn’t do yoga reported more negative emotions during the study period, while the teens who did do yoga reported fewer negative emotions.
“Yoga may serve a preventive role in adolescent mental health...”
Jessica Noggle,
Ph.D., of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School

Yoga for teens supports the mind-body connection. This is a link that is increasingly broken for young people. The typical habits of today’s teens, include massive tech consumption and less time spent outdoors. This prevents them from being “in the moment.” In addition, this can lead to a feeling of disembodiment. Furthermore, it can create an inability to tune in to what the body wants and needs. Synchronizing breath and movement on the mat helps heal that disconnect, cultivating a deeper awareness of one’s internal state. And the more you pay attention to your body, the better you treat it. Self-care is a vital protective factor against mental illness and substance abuse, which makes yoga and health a great team in multiple ways.

Yoga is a holistic exercise regimen that works well on the body, mind, and breath. Teenage is a time when there is a rapid growth spurt, and yoga only makes it better and easier by making the teen’s body strong and flexible. Yoga will not only help the kids develop a good posture, but also help them focus better and keep random thoughts at bay. Above all, yoga will empower the self-detesting teenagers to love themselves more.

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